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Marketing a new pool business

Postby ThePoolGuy619 » Tue 02 Aug, 2016 13:38

Hey guys!! I am trying to get some more clients and expand my pool cleaning business.

i am looking to get more attention to my website, check it out:

What are you guys doing that is getting more visitors to your websites? any info is greatly appreciated. THANKS!!

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Re: Marketing a new pool business

Postby paulbest » Wed 17 Aug, 2016 21:54

Submit articles that pertain to your sites content. Article posting is a good way to get your site known to the web community and at the same time allows you and your site to build up respect with your visitors. When submitting articles make sure you always add a link back to your site for the source of the article so interested readers can view your site for more information.

List your site with web directories. Directories are different than search engines because they list your site by subject or category and not by the keywords of your site. They also allow you to describe your site in more detail so visitors can get a more in-depth feel for your site. Most directories have a screening process so to make sure your site gets accepted always have fresh and unique content.

Join Forum sites and Blogs. Forum sites and Blogs are a great place to post comments and answer questions people may have. Most all Forums will allow you to create a signature to where you can place a link to your site. Each time you post a topic or answer a question your signature gets posted as well. Just as with articles, if you post interesting and unique content people will click on your signature link and go to your site for more information.

Last but not least, always adapt to the changes. The steps above are great ways to get your site known on the Internet and help attract a large range of visitors. If you want to have a lasting position on the web though you need to be able to adapt to its ever changing ways.

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