Indoor Pool Part way Demolition Question

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Indoor Pool Part way Demolition Question

Postby pred8er » Mon 08 Aug, 2016 10:29

Hi All,

I have a house (that I have current rented out the tenants) that has an Indoor Pool. I would like to do a part way demolition on this.

Here is some background information:

I lived in the house with no issues and the pool was running fine. I ended up moving across the country for work reason - and I have no intentions on moving back.

I tried to sell before moving but had no luck. So I ended up getting renters in place. When they signed the lease I ensured there was an addendum attached to the lease with all the information to take care of the pool and keeping the pool cover on when not in use and using the ventilation system.

I know the tenants takes care of the pool however he has caused a mold problem in the bathroom (in the pool room) and some parts of the ceiling in the pool room (I suspect from not keeping the cover in place when not in use.)

My plan is to list the house on sale again in January but should it NOT sell by June 2017 but should it not sell I plan on I plan on a partial demolition for the short term (due to money reasons)

My question is is the following plan viable:

1. Remediate the current Mold problems in the next month or so - still waiting on a quote on this and should hear back today
2. Empty pool
3. Have a hole drilled to relieve the pressure so the pool does pop out of the ground.
4. Leave the Pool as-is with just the pressure relief hole.
5. Leave pool with the hole in place and leave pool as and empty.

Is this safe to leave like this with only the hole for pressure relief? Without it popping out? Over time my plan is slowly demolish the pool fully and put decking over it.

Thank you

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