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New Pool Owner - Water Draining

Postby calebwarren » Mon 20 Mar, 2017 20:08

My wife and I purchased a home last summer, and the house has a nice pool. Unfortunately, the previous owners (foreclosed) took the pump, water heater, and apparently sawed off the valve switches. Someone else sawed off the junction box and left wiring exposed. Fortunately, we have purchased and installed the new pool cover.

The pool itself it structurally in good condition with no cracks (attached). We have run water through the open piping, and the water seemed to go into the pool without any issue from the exposed pump pipes. I put about six inches to a foot of water into it, and the water didn't stay on the pool side but stayed on the spa/hot tub side.

My first thought is that the drain plugs might be bad. I don't think they are hydrostatic valves. They appear to be 1.25" recessed drain plugs of some kind. Perhaps the rubber lining is compromised, causing the water to drain. What are these things and what tool do I need to get them up? (attached pictures)
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