Brand new pool popped out of ground

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Brand new pool popped out of ground

Postby Easton6hockey » Wed 24 May, 2017 01:24

Hi so this winter we redid the whole inside of our house and it looks amazing so we decided to make it more of a house to entertain. With that in mind we decided to get a in ground concrete pool. 15x30x5'. Now we live in Ohio and the weather is so random and hard to predict. They started the installation around April 24th. Well one week later they poured the concrete and 2 days later it poured rain for 3 days straight. During that time I walk outside to check it and notice the pool was sticking out of the ground 2' at the deep end. Now this pool was freshly installed. It didn't have the plaster of anything yet just concrete and tiles around the top. Our pool company is saying they can fix it but is there anyway to actually replace it? I have pictures just don't know how to post. Please help need professional advice on what to do we are torn.

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