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RA Landbeck
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Pump question

Postby RA Landbeck » Mon 29 May, 2017 09:46

Pardon a dumb question from a complete newbie, but does a pool pump need to be going 24/7 once an ideal temp is reached and chems are all dissolved and in balance? Our 'pool man' suggested it should be, but in the interests of saving a little on the electric bill, I'm questioning that advise. I have notice postings that mention timers on the pump running time. Pool is 14x25/ inground/with a deep end of seven feet. Any advise appreciated.

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Re: Pump question

Postby Denniswiseman » Tue 30 May, 2017 11:13

There is no specific time for pump runtime or turnover
You only need run sufficiently to clean, skim and mix. You will be the best to know
24/7 is used when slamming
Depending on the pool temperature, run during the warmest part of the day to heat the pool or run at night to cool the pool
A two speed pump or variable one are considered more economical to run and some power companies are offering a rebate

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