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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby nurselacy » Tue 30 May, 2017 01:46

I just bought & installed a new Intex Ultra 32x16' soft sided pool with salt water system. I have watched a few videos on YouTube about installing a permanent skimmer, but I'm still hesitant (and really nervous) about cutting into my liner. Will this jeopardise the strength of the liner over time? Are the permanent skimmers significantly better than the "over the side" floating skimmers? Advice, please!?

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Re: Skimmers

Postby splashsupercenters » Tue 30 May, 2017 15:29

We sell Intex Wall Skimmers that are designed specifically for soft-sided Intex pools. The skimmer will work with your filter system to remove debris from the pool. We would recommend this product for your pool, you can find this product here: ... ll-Skimmer

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