too much/ too little chlorine

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too much/ too little chlorine

Postby ljcapra » Mon 24 Jul, 2006 15:17

This is my first season with an inground pool. Everything has been going well. Last week, when I tested the ph and chlorine levels with the drop testers that came with the pool setup, the chlorine reading was a deep orange. Happened for several days. Water is crystal clear, ph is fine and no algae. Is this reading too much chlorine? Are the drops bad? Had the water tested, and they said there is no chlorine in the water. Shocked it again, but stil;l get the same reading.


to much to little

Postby 21958 » Tue 25 Jul, 2006 20:06

I have personally had the same result after shocking my pool with chlorine give it a few days and the level should come down where the chlorine does not bleach the chemicals in the drops.

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