Cloudy first thing after pump start

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Cloudy first thing after pump start

Postby Briano42 » Wed 04 Jul, 2018 07:57

So I’ve owned the pool (in Michigan) for two years.
25kgal in ground chlorinated ‘normal’ setup, pentair equipment, triton ii sand filter.
I’ve learned a little in two years. I use an aqua check Trutest daily and have Leslie pool supply do the deeper tests once a week. Right now my pool seems pretty good. This morning FC is 2.9,ph is 7.0, TA is 130. The aqua check reads PH lower than Leslie’s does so PH is probably 7.2. Water is clear enough to see the main drain fine, but not ‘crystal’ clear.
Just FYI put new Zeosand in the filter last summer.
Anyway. I run the filter 12 hours/ day. 8am-8pm. If I haven’t left for work and I see the morning start up, often I see the jets blow cloudy for about 5 minutes. I saw today cause off work for the 4th. One of my returns fills the spa, which overflows to the pool. The spa gets too cloudy to see through for about 20 mins or so.
It seems to only be at morning start up and not every day. I think it’s worse after days of heavy use. I’ve started to waste/ backwash the first few gals of water after those days if I think of it.

Is this normal? Or I s it a sign of something, and if so is it serious?

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