Dirt in the pool after backwash

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Dirt in the pool after backwash

Postby appachu » Fri 25 Aug, 2006 00:54

Hi, iam new to the pool maintenence, since i bought a house with a pool wanted to clean the filter, read the books & wanted to remove the filter & clean the filters, it was so bad that i had to literally throw the filter & install new ones, the backwash knob was laos jammed , with all this confusion the dirt which was alreday there went back to the pool & the pool has taken the black color,

plesae help me to understand how to get rid of the dirt from the pool now


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Swimming Pool Pro
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Postby Walter » Fri 25 Aug, 2006 07:33

I would add water to pool and vacuum to waste that way you don't get the filter dirty, when ever you do a filter cleaning you should also put the valve in backwash after the pump is off and you start to take it apart, then start up in that mode when done clenaing it and run for a few seconds with water going thru whole system, this will flush the dirt out. Then shut it off and put in filter mode.
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