Automatic Pool Vacuum Q's?

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Dirt Addict

Automatic Pool Vacuum Q's?

Postby Dirt Addict » Thu 31 Aug, 2006 13:24

.....We just had a 16x28 Doughboy above ground assembled in our back yard. So far so good. We got the automatic vacuum deal that runs around the pool for you. Click www(dot)doughboy-pools(dot)com/img/brochures/Accessories_05(dot)pdf to see it.

.....Anyway, The guys setting up the pool told me to hook the hose with the adapter to the bottom of the in wall strainer where there is a hole for this purpose. Then use the strainer lid to block the flapping door to provide pressure to run the vacuum. I made sure the length of the hose was full of water before attaching it. I messed with this for a long time. The best I could get was about 1/3rd of the water to come out of the hole for suction to run the vacuum. The vacuum wouldn't even move hooked up this way. Also it seemed like there was always air in the lower screen window that hooks directly to the pump below. And the pressure gauge fluctuated between 3 and 10lbs. Wasn't happy about that.

.....I then yanked the hose off and stuck it through the flapper door (to keep it submerged) and stuck it directly onto the pump inlet after removing the catch screen. The vacuum took off like lightening and had incredible suction. So I knew now that it was not the vacuum. I then consulted the instructions. I saw that they provide details regarding the way I hooked it up the 2nd time. I used the adapter with the bleed off valve that allows for some of the suction to escape so the vacuum operates at the normal speed etc. It worked perfectly. and the pump pressure went up to 11 to 12 (normal range) psi. The air also disappeared in the lower filter window. I let it run this way for a couple hours. Did a heck of a job.

My questions are
1). Is it supposed to make a clicking sound as it makes it's way around the pool?
2). Do any of you have this product and are you happy with it?
3). Have any of you experimented with it as far as the best way to run it?

Thanks a bunch!.

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