Crack in pebbletech finish, Please help!!!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Crack in pebbletech finish, Please help!!!

Postby pebbletech » Mon 29 Jan, 2007 14:25

Hello all, My husband and I just bought a new house. The pool is a pebble-tech finish, but it has a 3 feet thin horizontal crack above the waterline. This runs parallel to the flag stone deck. Any ideas on whether this is structural or has anyone encountered similar problems with cracks? Please help!!!!!

Swimming Pool Wizard
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Postby geeman » Tue 30 Jan, 2007 12:29

you describe the crack in the plaster as being above the tile line. Are you saying that the plaster is exposed (not under water)?

Postby Guest » Tue 30 Jan, 2007 16:10

Thank you for your reply. Yes, it is above the water line. Also, there is no tile- the pebble tech finish goes right up to the flagstone deck. Hope this helps, Tanya
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Pool Enthusiast
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Postby poolnerd » Fri 02 Feb, 2007 00:08

Hairline cracks aren't usually a big deal, but larger ones can be. There have been many problems with above-water-level Pebble finishes delaminating from the gunite. Try tapping in this area with the butt of a screwdriver or something similar. If it sounds hollow, you may have a problem with the Pebbletec separating from the gunite. This is not uncommon. In fact, Pebbletec no longer warranties their product when used out of water -- like the in lieu of tile situation you describe, or on rolled bond beams, beach entries, etc. There are lithium additives that are supposed to help prevent above-water delamination on new work, but that doesn't help you much now. Contact a local authorized Pebbletec applicator to check your pool; they may be able to suggest remedies.

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