new pool plaster cracks

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new pool plaster cracks

Postby Josh2007 » Thu 08 Mar, 2007 11:55

We just put in a new pool and our tile grout was chipping out all over. The pool company said they would drain the pool a little below the tile level and fix it and refill the pool right away. We were gone for three days on family business and when we returned we learned that they had drained our pool right below our pool lights. We noticed our pool plaster all around the entire pool had thin cracks running everywhere and our pool bench had thick grey lines (looking like cracks under the surface) running from the edge of the seat to the middle all over. It looks terrible! The pool company had left our pool fill up with the auto fill for 2 days while we were gone. They told us the cracks were natural and that they should go away. Is this true?

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Postby geeman » Thu 08 Mar, 2007 13:22

check cracking or crazing is normal in plaster and may be more noticable when dry. give it a few days and the cracks should become less apparent.

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