"Craze Cracking"

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"Craze Cracking"

Postby jtucker » Tue 13 Mar, 2007 15:29

Hi, our pool builders paused on our pool for about 4 months after they finished the crystal stone plaster, or the "shell." They just now finished and just installed the heater. But, they tell us that if we turn on the heater within two weeks it will result in craze cracking of our pool. I think that if the main crystal stone has been there for a while we're ok to turn on the heater by today. Am I right? Would it be ok to turn on the heater even though they just finished installing it yesterday morning? I would really like to use my pool :P.

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Postby dynamictiger » Wed 14 Mar, 2007 03:51

Whilst your enthusiasm is understandable, I think you should wait. That way you are in line with instructions and any thing that goes wrong is not somehow going to be your fault.


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