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Cost and Maintainance

Postby ajc » Fri 30 Mar, 2007 02:55

Hi. I am buying a house with a pool, and have a couple of questions. How difficult is it to maintain the pool myself, and what are the average monthly costs of doing so?




Postby Guest » Tue 03 Apr, 2007 15:18

It is easy to keep clean if you enjoy yard work. If not you can hire a pool boy/girl for $100 to $200 a month (depends on size).

Cost and Maitenance of Running a Gunite Pool

Postby RHB » Sun 08 Apr, 2007 17:03

Hello, I too am looking at purchasing a house which has a heated gunite pool. I am interested to know what can be expected for monthly costs to run (Keep clean, heat) etc...

Postby Guest » Sun 08 Apr, 2007 22:33

Costs and time depend on the size of the pool and the climate you are in.

I don't find it terribly expensive in cost or time, as long as you do keep up with it. You do need to check your chemical balance regularly. At first, you'll need to check your chemicals every day - or if you are having an issue. After a while, once a week is all I test mine - I figure that's what would happen if I had a pool service, so once a week is good for me.

If you live in a hot and sunny climate, you will go through more chlorine.

I buy in bulk or at Costco for shock and tablets. I just spent $85 today on shock and acid. Enough shock to last me through the year. I bought a 35 lb bucket of tablets a couple weeks ago, I'm thinking I paid $70. Plus I buy a new test kit every year for around $20.

Letting leaves and debris/dirt sit in your pool is one of the worst things you can do, so be prepared if you have a lot of trees around to scoop them out regularly.

It's really the other stuff that gets expensive. The nets, hoses, brushes, etc.

I probably spend no more than an hour a week, brushing/vacuuming my pool and adjusting chemicals.

Postby Guest » Fri 20 Apr, 2007 14:38

If you never had a pool before... people will tell you "it's not a lot of work", but then you'll start working and working and working and say to yourself "this is a lot of work". :D

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