New pool cracking, plaster,coping.cooldeck

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New pool cracking, plaster,coping.cooldeck

Postby Tim » Mon 09 Apr, 2007 20:16

It took the pool builder 5 months to put in our 18''x32'' pool. During the install there many delays and a few rain delays. The pool sat for 2 months with rain water standing in the deep end. They just punched a hole in the bottom of the gunnite (to prevent the pool from floating), there was no static valve ever installed. The rain water was allowed to soak thru the soil under the pool. In other words the drain allowed water to go under the pool indstead of allowing water to flow up. Now he (the pool builder) has agreed to drain the pool and repair the cracks and re-plaster.
Can this be fixed or will it continue to be a problem from now on? What should I do? :(

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