Pool spiders in AR

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Pool spiders in AR

Postby deaun » Wed 02 May, 2007 20:27

Hello everyone,
We (like so many others) purchased a home with an older pool. Not too many problems--a little algae, a lot of foam (thanks for the word on anti-foamer), and the usual newbie problems. Also a few problems that may be particular to Arkansas: a few mayflies, bullfrogs, water snakes, and bats (!). Then there are the "pool spiders." These things have a leg span equal to the palm of a man's hand, and have a large, striped body. They hang out at the bottom of the pool, and "swim" around. They also seem able to survive shocking.... I would love to know what type they are, and are they POISONOUS? I hate hate hate spiders, and these guys thrive in my pool from late spring through the summer months. ANY help appreciated!

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