my skimmer leaks

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my skimmer leaks

Postby negaunee » Mon 28 May, 2007 19:21

I have a 15 foot round aboveground. I took the skimmer off last Fall because the dealer told me to. Now I've put it back on - with a new gasket -and it leaks...small but continuous. Tried silicone caulk...still leaks. I want to fix it myself if possible.
Thanks. Brian.

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My skimmer leaks

Postby Swim Today » Wed 24 Jun, 2009 17:25

It's either the gaskets are not seated right or the screws are not lined up properly or tightened enough to pull the skimmer, the two gaskets, and face plate tightly together. You'll have to take it back off and double check your work or have a professional come out do it. Be sure to use a silicone lube over the gaskets before putting the skimmer back on. Also don't go back to that dealer because you never want to remove something like the skimmer for an extended period of time. It could damage your liner and/or your pool wall.

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