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Water Balance

Postby glittering-angel » Sat 16 Jun, 2007 04:42


We have just put up our instant INTEX type pool, added the first weekly sachet of product (Bromine based), ran the pump overnight and tested the water in the morning. The reading was showing no Bromine and pH 6.5.

The water is from our well, and is very acidic for some reason, I put in a second sachet of product (the product is specially designed for this type and size of pool and you put in one sachet of the liquid per week, then shock once a month). I ran the pump overnight again.

This morning, the water had a film of yellow stringy goo on the top (not very nice), which I skimmed off, we added an algicide, thinking that it was probably some sort of algie and now the pool looks like someone emptied a bottle of washing up liquid into it, as the algicide going through the pump has turned all frothy and white.

What would you suggest I do next? Correct the pH, or add a shock treatment?

Thanks for your help.


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