Discolour grout

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Discolour grout

Postby Guest » Sat 16 Jun, 2007 12:31

Hi can any body help our pool is clear the chlorine test is reasonable ( just added more chlorine) ph was high ( just added minus but some of the grout at the bottom is grey to black , not a lot but some what is the cause and what do I do


Same problem.. need some help.

Postby Kim » Sat 16 Jun, 2007 19:59

We've got a brand new pool (5-weeks) with a salt system. The grout in the pool tile is very discolored. It's turning a dark green/black color, mostly at and above the waterline. (not all of it, but a good %)

It's getting worse around the waterfall from the spa where it seems to be constantly wet.

Any suggestions on how to clean this away?

black grout

Postby Guest » Mon 18 Jun, 2007 14:18

Hi kim we have same problem, I know how to clean it but not how to stop it
,,,to clean either a wire brush or if you have pressure washer use that on a long pole
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Postby Buggsw » Mon 18 Jun, 2007 21:59

Sounds to me like possibly the chlorine levels have not been high enough. The description sounds like algae/mold.

Make sure you test your water regularly - daily would be good.

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