intex saltwater pump mod.8111

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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intex saltwater pump mod.8111

Postby mpd038 » Thu 02 May, 2019 15:13

i have a intex saltwater pump mod.8111 bought about 2010. i just setup a new pool using this pump. the pump has the display, two lights below the display, and a up arrow button and a down arrow button for the controls. issue is that the pump runs, but when up push the down arrow button to start setup i will beep, then you push the up arrow to set the timer it will only make a beeping sound and do nothing else. while the display continues to show 88, and do nothing else. tried to hold both buttons down at the same time , with only beeping, so i cant set timer or turn on chlorinator. any help please

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Re: intex saltwater pump mod.8111

Postby Teapot » Fri 03 May, 2019 00:57

Sorry no idea, I do not get involved with Intex.

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