New plaster pool, low TA stable pH

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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New plaster pool, low TA stable pH

Postby kevinherzig » Mon 30 Sep, 2019 16:03

Hi everyone,

I have a new quartz aggregate / plaster pool about 8 weeks old now. My pH is constantly rising and my understanding is that this is normal for a new pool. My TA keeps going low because I'm constantly adding muriatic acid to bring the PH down. My TA is now at around 40, CH 310, CYA 20.

With this low of a TA the pH has somewhat stabilized. I've been reading online that having a low TA can both cause pH fluctuations (it's stable though) and that it can cause damage to the plaster.

My question to the experts is if low TA alone can cause damage, or is it the typically unstable pH that causes the damage? Can I keep a lowered TA if my pH is stable?


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