Filled with well water turned brown after shock :(

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Filled with well water turned brown after shock :(

Postby jjmarv » Wed 03 Jun, 2020 13:54


I am in desperate need of some help and guidance. We just filled our 25ft Colman above ground pool with our well water. We have a filtration system on the well but do still have higher iron levels so we filled the pool using the hose attached to a bucket and filtered through polyfil method and it worked great the first day. Super clear.

As we continued to fill though out the days it started it get a little hint of greenish to it. We just figured that was from not being filtered or any movement since it wasn’t full enough to filter.

Once we got it filled up and the pump going we added shock to it and within 15 minutes it had turned completely brown. We are so upset as we put in a lot of work to get it ready for summer. We are at a loss for what we can do to correct this and don’t really want to empty it and start all over. Any suggestions as to what we can do to get it back to looking good and clear?


I’ll try to post a picture if I can figure out how to.

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Re: Filled with well water turned brown after shock :(

Postby Denniswiseman » Thu 04 Jun, 2020 01:28

I would carry on filtering with the polyfil Iron filter removal
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Re: Filled with well water turned brown after shock :(

Postby sfusco12 » Tue 09 Jun, 2020 19:59

I agree with Dennis. I had a similar issue but smaller pool. Search youtube for how to remove iron or brown well water from above ground pool. I was able to use the sock method successfully but others create a polyfil flilter. Takes a few days but works great.

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