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I'm new here
I'm new here
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tree near pool

Postby beifstu » Wed 04 Jul, 2007 15:40

I am having a fiberglass pool installed next month and I am worried about a very young maple tree that will be near it. The tree will be about 6 feet from the actual pool and i am worried that the roots will damage my pool as it continues to grow. This will be my first pool and would like to know if my concern is valid or should I not worry about it?



Postby carllieb » Mon 09 Jul, 2007 10:59

I have numerous old Pecan trees in my backyard some with huge feeder roots that while digging I have found head towards my pool. Yet none have done any damage I have noticed.

Any tree will potentially grow into your pool or the feeder roots will get big and crack the cement around the pool. Tap roots should not be a problem so after a few years dig down and cut any feeders growing towards your pool.

But this is a very slow process and if you keep track of it and take preventative measures the benefits of the shade will overshadow the little work you will need to do to cut feeder roots before they can do any damage.

Dropping leaves will cause you much more work than the roots.

Re: tree near pool

Postby SSteele » Sun 23 Sep, 2018 04:20

We have a new saltwater pool surrounded by huge pecan trees maintained by the HOA. Our pool is all gummed up and the concrete and lawn furniture is too. We have a pool company servicing the pool but it’s not even swmmable. It stinks and is dark blackish green water. They clean the filters and shock it weekly. Any suggestions? I have asked HOA to cutback the trees ASAP.

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