Green Iron Water

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Green Iron Water

Postby Law0414 » Tue 10 Jul, 2007 14:07

We just purchased easy set above ground 15x48 pool. Filled with well water that we new had high iron levels (house water goes through filter) but outside tap is straight from well.

Water of course is now green like everyone else's on this site. We have had water tested at local pool store - best advice is keep cleaning/changing filter and adding chlorine and eventually water will settle down. Any idea how long this will take??? But more importantly - does any one have the new Intex Salt Water System - wondered if it would help with our Iron problem or not???

Any suggestions to get water blue would be helpful. I've seen posting for product called Iron Out but can't find it here - I live in Toronto Canada.


Postby Guest » Tue 10 Jul, 2007 22:08

I have used (Metal out) & (Metal Magnet). Both are sold at local pool stores.

Walmart sales (Metal and Scale Out). I haven't used, but it sounds like the same stuff.
pool user 2

Postby pool user 2 » Wed 11 Jul, 2007 20:50

Did the iron magnet work? I just put it in our pool this morning - it has turned the water from brown to green but it still looks bad from hard well water. I have intex 18 x 24 pool so I suspect it could take a long time for the filter to work through the mess - any idea how long and again does this stuff work?

No changes yet

Postby law0414 » Thu 12 Jul, 2007 09:17

I went to my local pool store and this was there advice. They told me to double shock the pool with chlorine shock and put 1 cup of stabilizer in the pool inside a nylon stocking and to tie the stocking to the ladder. He said this would keep the chlorine levels in the pools high. Apparently the chlorine at some point will get rid of the iron. Then just keep changing/cleaning filter as often as possible. Said would take about 4 days to get clean water. Last night I did the double shock and nylon stocking. This morning chlorine levels really high and water very green - can't see through it at all (worse than before). Filter is dark brown after only a few hours so I keep trying for a few days and hope for some improvement. If after 4 days no improvement I'm thinking I will empty pool and have water delivered from the city.
Hope this helps all in the same situation.


Postby POOL USER 2 » Thu 12 Jul, 2007 15:40

Okay, I am now 24 hours in to using metal magnet in my brown pool. It is getting much better - it is now green and you can see through it much better - it is translucent. Actually, when I take a buck of water from the pool it looks clear. The iron magnet coagulates the iron so that the filter can catch it - I have been cleaning the filter about every 4-6 hours - it has been gross but better in the filter than the pool. I am trying to be patient but part of me wants to empty and start over. I did also put in two cups of bleach this morning as my clorine levels dropped significantly and I did not want to create an algie problem too. My ph is too high now though but I think I just need to focus on the iron problem first and go from there - anyone else having any luck with getting clear water from well water?
chem geek
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Green Iron Water

Postby chem geek » Thu 12 Jul, 2007 16:53

Just FYI. Chlorine will not get rid of nor break down metals in the water. There are two basic ways of removing metal or its visible effects from the water. The color in the water is from metal ions combined with hydroxide or sometimes other oxides (oxygen) and is more likely at higher pH which is why this sometimes only shows up when shocking a pool (especially for copper turning a pool green). With lots of metal, even at normal pH pool water will look colored.

One solution, which is more applicable when there are LOTS of metals in the water and the water is colored even at normal pH, is to coagulate or consolidate these particles using a clarifier. There are many on the market and most are effective and will let your filter capture these particles more efficiently (obviously, you need good circulation for this to work so an above-ground pool without a floor drain will be difficult to clear).

The other solution, which is more applicable when there is less metal in the water and it turns colored mostly at higher pH, is to use a metal sequestrant which will hold the metal ion in the water essentially having it dissolved in a way where it will not react with hydroxide at higher pH. This doesn't actually remove the metal from the water, but makes it less reactive thus preventing visible compounds from forming.

With lots of metal in the water, doing both steps makes sense -- first use a clarifier to remove as much metal as possible physically through filtration. Then, after that is complete, one can use a metal sequestrant to keep any remaining metal dissolved in the water.


NO luck Yet

Postby Law0414 » Thu 12 Jul, 2007 19:40

Haven't had any luck yet clearing up well water. At this point I've spent as much on chemicals and filters as I would have to have water delivered to fill pool. Next summer will definately have water delivered - would be worth every penny at this point. Can home tonight and water greener than this morning. Chlorine levels low - PH really high - filter full of brown stuff. Cleaned filter and backwashed and started again following pool store instructions. Hoping for clearer water tomorrow. I have already put an entire bottle of metal out stuff in and it didn't seem to do anything.

Should I just drain pool and start again - is there anyone out there who has successfully gotten clear blue water from well??
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giving up and starting over

Postby Pool User 2 » Thu 12 Jul, 2007 23:37

This site seems to have the most knowlegable posts that I can find - however still no clear response as to whether I will ever see blue water from well water. We emptied our 18 x 48 pool tonight. We used an industrial pump as the pool outlet would have taken days. Pool was empty 5,000 gallons, in two hours. At least my dried up yard will be green again - or dead depending on what the chemicals do to it.

We are having water delivered from the city and never again will take the route of well water. Fortunately, my husband works for a company that has a water truck, knows of the hydrants that have been used often and has received permission from the city to get water. I will keep watching Law to see if he/she resolves problem. Good luck.

I will be back on site to get more info on levels as it seems like there are several knowledgeable people willing to help.

Postby law0414 » Fri 13 Jul, 2007 12:36

Just dumped a whole bottel of metal out in the pool. Here's hoping we get some results. Girl at pool store said to put whole bottle in at once. If that doesn't work I will drain pool and have water delivered. At this point, I should have paid for water in first place - chemicals have cost over $200
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Re: giving up and starting over

Postby Backglass » Fri 13 Jul, 2007 12:49

Pool User 2 wrote:This site seems to have the most knowlegable posts that I can find - however still no clear response as to whether I will ever see blue water from well water.

My pool is filled with well water...and it is crystal clear & blue.

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