Pool plaster and grout colors

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I'm new here
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Pool plaster and grout colors

Postby italiavb » Tue 07 Aug, 2007 09:46

HELP! Having a gunite pool installed and the contractor has indicated to me that I should maintain the same color for plaster and tile grout. I want a white plaster pool, but prefer to use grey grout in between my tiles. He is warning me that the plaster may "bleed" into the grout lines. I have chosen blue tiles and think a white grout will be too stark. I would think that whatever plaster gets onto tiles or onto grout could be cleaned? Can someone please educate me! Certainly I am not the first person to pick a different grout color from the plaster color.


Postby Guest » Tue 07 Aug, 2007 16:41

its a lot easier for your contractor to keep everything the same color. he doesn't have to worry about overspray and you won't complain when white plaster gets on your gray grout. He can tape off the tile line with painters tape and any overspray can be removed with light acid and a scouring pad.

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