Is there a way I can tell if Autofill feature is working?

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Is there a way I can tell if Autofill feature is working?

Postby G » Thu 09 Aug, 2007 20:31

I'm a newbie to pools, so please excuse my ignorance.
I have a new home with a pool that has an autofill feature. I was told I never needed to add water via a water hose, as the autofill feature should take care of everything. It's been very hot here and each day my water level has been dropping over the past 4-5 days.
Is there a way I can test or ensure the autofill is working?

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Postby Backglass » Thu 09 Aug, 2007 22:50

I'm no rocket scientist, but if your pool level is dropping....your auto-fill device is not working.

1 - Is the water turned on to this device? They may have shut it off during winter to prevent broken pipes.

2 - It must have a "float" just like a toilet to determine the water level. If you push it down, does water flow?
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Postby Guest » Fri 10 Aug, 2007 07:10

Thanks. It's interesting that this morning it's back up to just below the normal water line. Seems like it's only working intermittently. Per your suggestion, I'll have a closer look at the float and see if I can see anything.

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