Filter keeping pressure up when trying to Vaccum?

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Filter keeping pressure up when trying to Vaccum?

Postby summer211 » Thu 06 Sep, 2007 10:58

Hi everyone. I am looking for advice. We are new home owners and have a pool that has the DE filter. First we were having problems with the pressure when the filter was on but we had someone clean the entire inside of the filter and we backwased it and it worked fine...

Now weeks later, we the filter seems to be working fine on its own. However, when we hook the vaccum up the filter pressure goes to zero or just above zero. Its strange because the hose is suctioning on to the basket but the filter makes a strange noise once you hook the vaccum in and then the pressure drops down to zero and no dirt come up at all.

Any advice? Thank you,

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Postby mr_clean » Thu 06 Sep, 2007 14:10

make sure you prime the vacuum hose before hooking it up to skimmer. You will make pump loose prime and put air in system.
hook pole to vac and drop in shallow end, take hose and suck on the end bring water into vac hose until hose is filled with water, then hook to skimmer and bleed air on top of filter you will then have suction.
Also make sure debris are cleaned out of pump basket and make sure impeller is not clogged. You can take pump basket out and take finger or small screw driver & put in small hole at bottom. Just turn impeller and check for debris.
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Postby pool doctor » Wed 26 Sep, 2007 14:42

you may also need to change out the DE powder or reclean the filter grids again. The DE filters grids can clog up quickly from area to area depending on the chems you use, water source, etc.

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