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Replacement pool coping

Postby JHelenek » Sun 16 Sep, 2007 07:55

I have a 24' Round Polymer Wall Vinyl Lined pool where the coping is cracked and weaking from the sun. Do the make a coping replacement that screws into the existing coping-like a bullnose type or a straight replacement type-the coping is molded into the wall.

pool doctor

Postby pool doctor » Wed 26 Sep, 2007 14:29

what kind of coping do you have now? We used to use the aluminum bull nose coping yeras ago, but switched to the vinyl coping about 20 years ago. The problem you're going to have is the bead receiver for the liner is PART of the coping in most cases and is bolted onto the wall panels. I'd check with whoever installed the pool and hopefully the coping you have is still available. If you have the vinyl coping is it the coping itself that's cracked or just the facing strip that hides the bead? The facing strip can be easily replaced.

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