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Pool Vacuums

Pool vacuums are available for above and inground pools. Your choice of a pool vacuum will depend on the type and design of your pool and its floor texture. The vacuum you need will also be determined by the pool floor's evenness, bumpiness and slope. Also notice whether your corners are round or square to ensure the vacuum can easily maneuvre around.

Pool vacuums vary in size, weight and some even have wheels. A vacuum many slither on the floor of the pool or skim the surface - some can do both Swimming pool vacuums are available in manual and automatic models. Manual vacuums are much cheaper than automatic ones. Automatic pool vacuums clean and sweep around the pool mechanically, and some even have remote controls.

Suction vacuums are popular in North American pools. Suction vacuums normally work with your pool's pump and filter. A suction vacuum normally costs between $160 to $450. Inground pool vacuums are typically higher in price than above-ground ones.

Robotic vacuums, also referred to as electric vacuums, feature a pump and filtration system in the machine. An internal filter exists to trap dirt and debris. Although higher in price, robotic vacuums are offered with many exciting features. They normally cost between $850 and $1,700, but some deluxe ones exceed $4,000.

Pressure vacuums function through water pressure. Typically, a pressure vacuum uses a replaceable filter sack that collects dirt. The advantage of a pressure vacuum is that it cannot affect or be affected by the pool's pumping system. Pressure vacuums are normally priced from $230-$550.

Pool vacuums also have different hose or cord lengths. Ensure you buy a vacuum that has a cord or hose that suits the dimensions of your pool.

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