Problems with the design?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Problems with the design?

Postby Pool Novice » Sat 09 Feb, 2008 22:05

We will soon be looking to build a custom pool and I'm curious about my design.

We'll be building it in South Carolina and wanting to use it nearly year-round. My intention with the design is to accommodate every one's desired use of the pool; young grandkids, adult kids and us (of course).

Here's my list of questions:
1) Is this design possible?
2) Any gotchas unique to this design?
3) Is there any possibility in getting this done in fiberglass? (I know the answer is No, but I have to hope and wish) My hope was having it built in two halves, then married together on-site. Possible?
4) Is the length of the deep side long enough to use a recreational diving board? Just the little 5 or 6 footer.
(I tried to place the pool design directly in this message, but the system refused it for some reason)

The 3' section slopes to meet the 5' depth just before the deep side connects to the main pool.

You'll notice the 2 inch lip along the bottom of the 5' area where is connects to the deep side. This is intended to keep kids who are swimming along the bottom from "wandering" into the deep side. I also plan to employ a heavy fabric to cordon off the deep side when little ones are in the pool. This 2 inch lip will be used (by some magic) to keep the fabric tight against the deep side opening.

We're also considering moving the deep side all the way down to the end of the 5' area, essentially creating an L pool design.

Thoughts? Criticisms? Moral Outrage?


Postby Guest » Wed 13 Feb, 2008 21:08

Thoughts? Criticisms? Moral Outrage?

The possibilities are endless. And gorgeous!

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