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Hard side vs. Soft sided pool

Postby Wendy » Mon 03 Mar, 2008 12:04

We are looking at buying a big above ground pool and dont know which is better. Beachland 27 round Hard sided pool vs. Tuff 24 round soft sided pool. There are pros and cons about each one, but which one is better. The hard side: how often do you have to replace the liners? The soft side just seems easier. We have an Intex soft side pool now that has lasted for over 5 years. We have been very pleased with it.


Hard Sided vs. Soft Sided

Postby Wendy » Wed 05 Mar, 2008 17:20

So which is the best one to get. Anybody got any opinions?

Tuff Pools

Postby JohnDoe » Tue 29 Apr, 2008 12:29

I love my tuff pool Ive had it for 4 years now and the only problem that I have had is a PVC fitting. it coasted me 6 bucks to replace...I got mine though Tuffpoolscom they warranty there liners and steal frame for 20 years. that sold me. :D

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