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What month should I open my pool - New Owner

Postby smithsh » Fri 25 Apr, 2008 20:38

I am a new pool owner and I just installed a pool heater in early April. The contractor had to open my pool quite early to ensure that the heater was working. It was still cold but I did not know what to do. I got my pool at the end of the summer of 07 and I had a professional close the pool. When they opened the pool I was very impressed... cystal clear but scare because it was so early. I called the pool guy who closed it and he suggested that I run it for 4 hours daily because it was still cold and nothing would happen to it. Now its at the end of April and he told me to put one half of my spring opening kit in the pool and I did that and its still clear. My problem is we are in the months of the pollen falling from the trees. I do not have many trees but I see a different and I had to clean my filter a couple of times becasue of low pressure. Do I put the rest of the spring opening kit in now and just test my pool with my strips for testing? The pool guy told me I had excellent chemicals and very safe, however I have a 21 round with about 10,000 to 14,000 gallons. I am not quite sure and I want to put some TA and bring my PH up... can I do all of that now or do I have to wait until May? How will the Pollen affect my chemicals? I know I opened too soon but what is a good time of year to open? Obviously after the Pollen season, but when? Can you help me? Thank you

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Postby muss08 » Sat 26 Apr, 2008 14:33

Where are you located? I work in the MD/DC area and we started opening pools about two weeks ago. Temps have been swinging from the low 60s to high 70s. It's never really too early to open your pool as long as you dont have freezing temps, its just more work for you. I like to open pools beginning in early April. I start encountering really bad pools mid may through June. The longer you wait the higher your chance of taking the cover off and finding a swamp because of the water warming up. You can get your chemistry balanced at any time. The pollen should really only affect your chlorine consumption because it will try to oxidize the pollen.
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