bought above ground pool with no instuctions

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bought above ground pool with no instuctions

Postby joyfull16 » Sun 27 Apr, 2008 02:54

Hi am just hoping any of you guys can help me? Can you please tell me how do i run my filter and pump?
Do i run it when kids sre swimming or not also i have chlorine tablets do they have to disolve before kids sre allowed to swim ? :oops:
Thanks :)


Postby dakeith » Sun 27 Apr, 2008 10:59

a little more info on the pool would help, if it is a Intex pool, then u turn the pump off and remove the skimmer, but if its a different pool with a medal wall u can run the pump if u want to are turn it off, really will not matter. as for the pump and filter, if its a sand filter u run from the pool to pump then to the filter and back to the pool. but more info would be nice on that to.

above ground swimming pool

Postby joyfull16 » Tue 29 Apr, 2008 13:12

Hi iy is a bestway pool which i have bought it is 15ft wide by 4ft deep

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