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Skimmer Question

Postby katthater » Wed 30 Apr, 2008 06:15

Good Day,
New To the inground Pool thing and need help.
I have a sand filter with a multi port valve.
The skimmer has to holes in the bottom of it, one is for vacume connection and the other i am not really sure.
what positions should they be in?
should both ports in hte bottom of the skimmer be open all the time?
what about when vacuming?
what about when filtering?
I am confused !

please advise,

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Postby muss08 » Wed 30 Apr, 2008 06:45

One hole (probably the one you use for vacuuming) runs to the pump. The second hole connects the skimmer to the main drain and you can usually control how much the main drain is pulling with a swiveling flap in the bottom of the skimmer. you can leave the main drain hole open all the time. It wont affect your vacuuming.
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