How often should the pump run on our pool ***New Pool Owner*

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How often should the pump run on our pool ***New Pool Owner*

Postby Frederick » Mon 05 May, 2008 14:32

The service tech who opened our pool recommened that we run our pump 24/7. We have a free form pool with a spa / spillover to pool and water cascades from our spa to the pool, I understand that the pool/spa are sharing the same water and the pump keeps the water circulating. I'm concerned we are chewing up electricity unresponsibily. Is it necessary to go 24/7 ?or is this something programmable with our Jandy RS8? or can we shut pumps off at night? and finally do we risk water going bad? This question may be obvious for experienced pool owners, this is our first shot at pool ownership and feel a bit overwhelmed.

Thanks in advance for any advice on the subject.

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Postby muss08 » Mon 05 May, 2008 17:29

I would let the pool run 24 hrs/day until the water clears up. Then I would go to a 12 hour cycle running during the day unless you have an auto cover on the pool most of the day. If you have an auto cover that you have on during the day it would be safe to run the pool at night when electricity is cheaper. I have a feeling you do not have an autocover though because of the spa spill over. 24 hrs. is unnecessary once the pool is clear.
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Postby njshorepools » Sun 11 May, 2008 13:55

When i first open a pool i tell the homeowners to run the pump for 48hrs straight, then set the timer to run 8-10hrs a day... day or night is up to u.
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