Trouble Lighting my Gas Pool Heater

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Trouble Lighting my Gas Pool Heater

Postby jackal05 » Fri 09 May, 2008 21:04

Hi again, As mentioned in my previous posts we recently bought a house with an inground pool which was left unmaintained for over 18months. I am finally starting to sort out the problem of green water, dried up gaskets, replaced both pumps (Solar and Pool Pumps) Etc.....

The reason for this post is I cannot get the Gas heating started for some reason. The Gas is turned on but the pilot just wont light??????? The Unit is a Raypak unit with a temperature dial on the front rather than a digital one. I know that there is gas to the heater but weather there is any gas coming out the other end I don't know. The lighting instructions are fairly simple. Turn the dial to pilot and hold dowm, press igniter, once lit hold dial down for 60sec then turn to on. Thats it......I even tried with a long match to light it incase the igniter was blown..

Is there anything that may have become blocked over time that I can check myself?

Hope someone has some advice.



Postby Neal » Fri 09 May, 2008 21:53

You may just have air in the gas line. It sometimes takes awhile to get the air out of the line just using the pilot. You should be able to smell gas if it is coming out.
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throw it in the trash..

Postby njshorepools » Sun 11 May, 2008 13:28

just kidding, but really millivolt heaters are a pain the the GAS...

The pilot may be lit and u just cant see it... happens to me all the time. Try to get one of those little mirrors the dentist uses in your mouth so u can see the flame a little better. also when the pilot is lit u shoudl have i think close to 500milivolts running through the circut. if u have a vold meter u can test it. Heaters are a tough thing to fix over a computer.. i would call a local pool guy ( who u can trust) eveyone here seems to bash us pool guys...

all my customers love me..... is there really that many d*ckhead service techs out there??
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