They told me I might not need a heater...

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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They told me I might not need a heater...

Postby coldmark » Mon 12 May, 2008 20:42

Just bought a pool. The sales lady said to go the first year without a heater to see if I need one. A couple people told me that was probably bad advice. I live 100 miles north of Green Bay. Perhaps she wanted to close the deal without me realizing I still need to spend $1500+ on a heater. Everything else was included with the pool including a solar cover.

Am I delusional to think I'm going to heat a 30' round pool with a solar cover in my climate? If so, please recommend what type of heater I should be looking at.


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Postby muss08 » Mon 12 May, 2008 21:17

100 miles north of green bay?- yeah you're probably going to want a heater! what is your swim season and what is the average ambient air temp during the swim season? what temp would you like your pool to be? its definitely going to need to be gas fired.
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