What are these bugs?

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What are these bugs?

Postby Awelch » Wed 14 May, 2008 18:52

Okay, not to bore everyone with the details of crappy pool service companies, but my pool has been sitting stagnant for a week now. Luckily, it's just full of some debris on the bottom since I can't hook up the vaccum. Tonight, after the rain, the surface looked like it had oiled pooled on it in all these small little spots. Upon closer inspection, the spots were moving and they are bugs! They look and move like fleas, but only smaller. I took the skimmer and scooped a bunch of them out, but they started jumping all over the place. What are they? I thought maybe Springtails after some internet researching. And how do I get rid of them? They are everywhere. Thanks!


Postby Awelch » Wed 14 May, 2008 18:55

Sorry if I posted this under the wrong thread..

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