Am I Being Taken For A Ride

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Am I Being Taken For A Ride

Postby lovebdus » Mon 25 Aug, 2008 09:38

We bought a 33' above ground pool from a large recreational company - never again. They sold us lbs and lbs of chemicals to start with. The pool was fine for 3 days then, due to not adding anything other then 3" chlorine tabs as per their instructions, went green. We added floculant and left it for 48" without pump going. Hooray it worked and we vacuum up the sides and bottom after brushing them. Exhausted we went to bed!
Yes this is an essay!
The next morning we woke up to a green pool.
I finally had had enough and hired a pool guy who came and put in a mystery chemical and added 10 lbs of chlorine. We learnt to test the chlorine levels and so far so good. We have to add a lot of chlorine to the pool however and my 25 lb tub isnt going to last long.
He also said that we should have a sand filter as our cartridge one is inadequate - is this necessary and if it is will it save me money in chlorine and reduce our last months electric bill of $250.00 up by $150.00 since we bought the blasted thing.
My excuse is I am english and it rains all the time there and no one has pools.
Thank you for those who got to the end of this diatribe.

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