Water Waste

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Water Waste

Postby Ojetin » Fri 12 Sep, 2008 18:08

:!: The service tech who opened our pool recommened that we run our pump 24/7. We have a free form pool with a spa / spillover to pool and water cascades from our spa to the pool, I understand that the pool/spa are sharing the same water and the pump keeps the water circulating. Since we are concerned we are chewing up electricity unresponsibily i decided to set timer to run for 12 hours at night, but i noticed as soon as the pump turns off, the spa water level goes down about half way and i can see a lots of water running on my alley, seems like either i save energy or water, is there anything i can do to prevent every time pumps turns off to save water ?? :roll:

Thanks in advance for any advice on the subject.

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Postby muss08 » Sun 14 Sep, 2008 09:21

Are you sure the water in your alley is from the pool? If a check valve is not installed in between the spa and pool then the water level can drop in the spa but it should be going back to the pool. Not being discharged. If you are sure the water in the alley is from the spa/pool you need to find where it is escaping from and plug it. Also you dont need to run your pool 24hrs- 12 is perfect but you should let it run during the day and not at night so the pool can recieve fresh chlorine.
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