pool stain after adding winterizing chemicals

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pool stain after adding winterizing chemicals

Postby reedglen62 » Wed 08 Oct, 2008 20:45

I just closed my pool for the first time. It is a SWG system. I added a kit that states non-chlorine chemicals...Within 24 hours my pool developed a streakish grey black stain around the area where I broadcast. I used shock, metal remover, winterizer. The packaging tells me that the shock will not stain or bleach my vinyl liner. Any idea what happened and how to remove the stain. It will not brush off. thx


pool staining

Postby SCMatt » Sat 18 Oct, 2008 19:03

Stains usually occur when there are metals in your water. I wouldn't think that non-chlorine products would cause staining even with the presence of metals.

Stains are pretty hard to deal with as a rule. I would first have a test done to check for metals (copper and iron are the standard tests, but there may be other metals in your water).

Jack's Magic has a pretty good product line of stain removing chemicals. There is a stain identification kit which contains several removing agents. The kit guides you through treating the stained area with the different agents and figuring out which one does the best job at removing the stain. Once the effective agent is identified, you can purchase larger amounts of the stain remover. It's not cheap, but it works pretty well.

Check it out wwwDOTjacksmagicDOTcom/
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I'm new here
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Postby reedglen » Fri 24 Oct, 2008 19:16

thanks for the info. will check it out.....

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