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DE Dude

DE In Pool

Postby DE Dude » Fri 06 Feb, 2009 20:04

I have a DE filtration system with my inground pool. I cleaned the filters and then followed the process to mix the DE in a bucket and then place it in the skimmer which sucks it back in to the filter system. The next day I noticed my pool cleaner was clogged up with DE and the DE was in the bottom of my pool. I have used the vaccum and have brushed the pool, but the DE is still in the pool.

Any ideas of what I may have done wrong and how to fix the problem?


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Pool Care Proficient
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Postby lonestar » Fri 06 Feb, 2009 20:20

So did you take the filter apart?

Where you leaking any DE into the pool before?

The filters themselves should be inspected closely, especially along the seams. The plastic parts that actually wedge into the manifold should be tight when pinched. They should not be able to pinch together at all. (Scince theres pressure sucking on this part, if they can squeeze together the waterflow may skip the coasted part of the filter.) When its all put back together make sure the bolts are tight and lightly tap on the manifold , otherwise the grids may not be fully seated and the same thing may occur.

The manifold is commonly overlooked. Inspect closely for cracks.

Let me know if this helps.

DE In Pool

Postby Guest » Wed 25 Mar, 2009 12:24

Added too much DE

The grids are damaged

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