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New to pools

Postby negrodavila » Sat 28 Mar, 2009 18:26

well hellos guys IM glad i found you guys, i bought my house here in florida about a year ago and i cant get my pool going properly.....let me give you the stats the pool is 24x16 average depth is 5.5, my pump is a 2hp cartridge filter i have a high psi reading unless the filter is spanking new and then after a couple of weeks it goes back to 35 40psi i dont see the water circulaing well as with other pulls you can see the water go around and stuff...mine is kinda just stagnent no much going on unless i clean it and put it in , then i will circulate better for aout 30 min, i dont know if this is normal......., also i have a concrete bottom and there is these black stains that wont come out for anything in the world really hard deposits, im planning in my to empy the pool and pressure wash the thing a use that muriatic acid or what not......first time haveing a pool and im lost, ive been running the pool for about 8 hours a day so i dont know if that is a good idea as well, i try stuff that they give me at the pool place but it has not got rid of the stins .....what next???? awsome site hope to solve my problems


New to pools

Postby Guest » Wed 01 Apr, 2009 17:34

Keep cleaning the filter regularly until the water rights itself and the filter pressure stops building up so quick.

If you're gonna empty the pool then leave the stains for your pressure washer or for the acid wash. :wink: :wink:

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