Pump taps

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Pump taps

Postby ollie » Sun 05 Apr, 2009 02:12

Hi all,
This is a bit embarrassing, I have never cleaned my pool I have always had someone do it for me. The guy who used to clean it for me had family problems and just stopped coming, I have since found out he has moved away so I cant ask him what they are
So I have decided to do it myself. Unfortunately my pool cleaner didn't mark the taps up on my pump, so I don't know what to turn off or on when I'm back washing or hoovering etc.
Does anyone know how I can identify these taps . I have a sand filter.

I would really appreciate any help on this.

Kind Regards


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Swimming Pool Wizard
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Pump taps

Postby Pooltech32 » Sun 05 Apr, 2009 22:22

I will try and help you.

The pump will have 1 pipe going into the pump horizontally, this is the SUCTION side of the pump, 1 pipe leaving the pump vertically, this is the DISCHARGE side. I need more info to help you further, do you have any valves on the SUCTION side of your pump? Do you have a filter with a dial valve?, it should have a number of words on it, rinse/filter/backwash/recirculate?
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