Small leak in pool liner ?

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Small leak in pool liner ?

Postby MARKAFN » Fri 17 Apr, 2009 17:51

I have just put up my 16 foot ultra frame pool and there is a pin prick hole in the side where water is leaking out , i have covered the hole with a small patch and vinyl glue that came with the pool , but it still leaks out the bottom of the patch, should i have put the patch on the inside ?? do i need diferent glue?? why is it still leaking ??

Is it summer yet?

Small leak in pool liner ?

Postby Is it summer yet? » Thu 23 Apr, 2009 22:17

My experience is low but I think a pool store should have patch kit that works underwater.
Because of the water pressure pushing out I think you will have a hard time stopping the flow from the outside.
How long can you hold your breath?
Just kidding.
Good luck.

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