Hany (Haeny) filter: where is bach-wash control?

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Hany (Haeny) filter: where is bach-wash control?

Postby Guest » Tue 21 Apr, 2009 04:28


A pool *spamm* here with an inherited pool living in Switzerland.

Having sorted (sort of!) the basics last summer I realise I was missing a vital piece of the equation (emptying 100kg of sand from the filter by hand vouches for that!): how to back-wash. My filter system is German by Hany (or Haeny in English due to the lack of the ':' above the 'a' on our keyboards). There are no instructions and the control panel is in German.

There are three controls with 'on/off' knobs, which are from left to right, 'Filter', 'Heizung' and 'Dihalo - Mat'. So Filter, Heating and something. I have looked up the word but no joy but I assume this is the back wash control. Above it there is a 3 position knob which is currently set to vertical which points to a '0' and the pump and filter are running. The left position is the abbreviation 'Dir.' and to the right 'Aut.'

Does anyone have the same system and know what the last control is? Which direction do i set it to for 'backwash'? And is there anything else to do (like open different valves etc) once I have selected backwash?

Thank you and apologies for a detailed enquiry.


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