Back pressure from my jets and skimmer

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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new surface diamond brite
new pump and sand filter
problem with great white pool cleaner
a lot of back pressure

Back pressure from my jets and skimmer

Postby carlitob92 » Sun 17 May, 2009 17:11

i have just resurfaced my pool, i have a new hayward pump and sand filter.
my pool was working fine until i installed a new great white vacuum.
now as my system is working i am getting a constant stream of air bubbles out of my jets and when the system shuts off a big wave of pressure comes out of my skimmer and water pours out of it.
The great white is also floating in the water, it wont work right.
i have disconnected the great white and returned my valves to the right position but i still have the problem with my jets and skimmer. does anyone have any suggestions to the problem? thank you


Back pressure from my jets and skimmer

Postby PastorWilliam » Fri 10 Jun, 2011 10:14

Most likely you have a leak in the hoses to the Great White, also check all fittings on the suction side of the pump, which is where the two valves come in to your cleaner housing.

Back pressure from my jets and skimmer

Postby ksledd1 » Fri 10 Jun, 2011 20:57

HELP - my husband is out of town and I'm trying to keep up with the pool. I too noticed air bubbles coming from the jets and my automatic pool cleaner that moves around the bottom of the pool is moving very slow - I check the skimmers regularly - I have backwashed several times over the past couple of days - for about 1 minute each time - but didn't know to rinse afterwards. I'm afraid I have a clogged system - as it doesn't appear that debris floating in the pool moves towards the skimmers as it did previously. I do have debris in the skimmers when I empty them..........I was so proud of being able to keep things moving - tested the water at a local pool center, etc - but now this.

What should I do?

Back pressure from my jets and skimmer

Postby Holdemnutz » Thu 16 Jun, 2011 22:32

There should be another filter/trap by the pump. look for a bucket shaped device with a clear screw on lid on the pvc pipes near pump motor. Turn off the pump and take off lid. It is probably full of debris. Clean it out, attach lid. open air pressure relief valve on top of filter and turn pump on. when a stream of water comes from relief valve, close it and see how that does?

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