Trying to open above ground pool

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B Wiley

Trying to open above ground pool

Postby B Wiley » Mon 08 Jun, 2009 14:02

We installed our above ground 16x 32 pool last year and didn't really pay too much attention to chemicals other than chlorine. We use aqua chem chemicals, shock and 3" tri chlor tablets. We did not winterize our pool. For the past 2 weeks we have vaccumed and added shock and chlorine tablets to very green, very cloudy water. Now our water is blue, cloudy. Today, I have attempted to adjust the ta prior to the ph. I only added a portion of the alkalinity increaser and retested after 3 hours. Should I wait longer to retest? All my readings continue to be low. Last time I shocked was 2 days ago, and do not have any tabs in the skimmer at this time. Should I wait to add any chlorine until I balance the TA and PH as I have read. Also, the depth is 4ft all around, most chemicals say to add at the deep end. I added it at the return to broadcast. Is this ok?
Thanks for your time.

B Wiley

Pool Care Proficient
Pool Care Proficient
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Trying to open above ground pool

Postby RMS1 » Mon 17 Aug, 2009 23:10

A great site is

This will give you the maintenance tips you'll need and everything about chlorine, pH, etc...
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Trying to open above ground pool

Postby chem geek » Tue 18 Aug, 2009 00:15

Or look at the Pool School. The link given above recommends No Mor Problems, but doesn't say that this is just sodium bromide which turns your pool into a bromine pool, requiring a higher chlorine demand (if outside exposed to the sun) since bromine is not as protected from sunlight breakdown as chlorine (with CYA in the water) plus it's more expensive. At least the bromine will kill algae since the chlorine level recommended isn't high enough for the CYA level.

You can maintain your pool and keep it algae free using chlorine alone. No shocking needed, no extra chemicals except possibly a small amount of acid. I have a 16,000 gallon pool and with the pool cover use about 1 ppm FC per day and a small amount of acid every month or two. That's it. $15 per month. No algae and very simple only adding chlorinating liquid twice a week (if there was no pool cover, you'd have to add it every day or two).

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