Filter Pressure

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Jerry Lee

Filter Pressure

Postby Jerry Lee » Mon 07 Jun, 2010 17:03

I have a inground gunite pool, 19,000 gal, de filter. Everything that I have read has said that a starting psi should be between 5-7 psi. When I opened my pool last month I had a reading of 5 psi. After cleaning a green pool, I was up to about 21 psi. I backwashed and recharged the de several times and got down to about 17 psi. I took apart the filter cleaned the panels, recharged and was still at 17 psi. I took apart the filter again, cleaned and soaked the panels in de filter cleaner from Leslie's. Put the filter back together, recharged with de and got it down to 15 psi. I have ruled out a faulty pressure gauge and I have water coming out of all returns. Skimmers suction is strong too. Am I wrong to think I can get the pressure back down to 5 psi? If not, any ideas?

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Filter Pressure

Postby mas985 » Mon 07 Jun, 2010 21:05

Jerry Lee wrote:Everything that I have read has said that a starting psi should be between 5-7 psi.

What have you been reading?

"Normal" filter PSI is different for every pool and depends on several factors. Pumps size, pipe lengths, pipe diameter, number of fittings, number valves, heater, etc.............

So basically, every pool will be different. However, 15 PSI sound more reasonable than 5-7 PSI. The lower PSI might occur with very small pumps or larger pumps on low speed.
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