White plaster prep for new plaster

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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White plaster prep for new plaster

Postby PolkHandyman » Mon 04 Dec, 2017 11:58

I got a quote of $8500 to re-tile and re-plaster my pool. I decided to do the prep work myself and then just hire a plaster crew
to save money. I have done my share of tile and concrete work but not on pools. I chipped out the old waterline tile and replaced it
leaving a 2 inch beveled grove to blend the new plaster in along the bottom edge. Checked entire pool for loose and hallow spots and
chipped them all out. It is all stabilized now and pressure washed at 4000 psi with a turbo nozzle 3 times. I have a few spots where
the gunite is exposed because both layers of plaster where hallow/loose. I found that the original surface was a blue plaster and
then it had been redone with white plaster. The depressions range from 1/2 to 3/4 inch along about 20% of the surface.
Can the new plaster fill those or do I need to acid wash, apply bonding agent, and sand mix to level them up before the new plaster?
I thank anyone who can help me out with these final steps.

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